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Teaching Methodology

Sree Abiraami School

Teaching Methodology

Our teaching methodologies are grounded in the latest educational research, best practices, and our school’s educational philosophy. They emphasize key principles such as differentiated instruction, active learning, technology integration, assessment for learning, culturally responsive teaching, inquiry-based learning, and collaborative learning. 

We invite our teachers to delve into this guide, explore new instructional techniques, and adapt their teaching methods to meet the unique needs of our students. By doing so, we can collectively provide an enriching and transformative educational experience that prepares our students for a rapidly changing world.

Our teaching methodologies will focus on the following key principles

Differentiated Instruction

Recognizing the unique abilities, needs, and interests of each student and tailoring instruction accordingly to maximize their learning potential.

Active Learning

Engaging students in hands-on, collaborative, and experiential activities to deepen their understanding and encourage independent thinking.

Technology Integration

Leveraging the power of educational technology to enhance teaching and learning experiences, fostering digital literacy and preparing students for a technology-driven world.

Assessment for Learning

Implementing formative assessment strategies that provide timely feedback, promote self-reflection, and inform instructional decision-making.

Collaborative Learning

Promoting teamwork, communication, and cooperation among students through group activities, projects and discussions.

Inquiry-Based Learning

Encouraging students to ask questions, investigate real world problems, and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Creating an inclusive and respectful classroom environment that values diversity, recognizes students backgrounds and experiences, and promotes equity in education.

Allied Programs

At Sree Abiraami School, art and craft thrive as a vibrant and essential part of our curriculum. We believe in nurturing the creative spirit of our students, encouraging them to explore their artistic talents and develop their craft skills.

Our dedicated art teachers provide a stimulating environment where students can express themselves through various mediums, such as painting, sculpting, and crafting. Through art and craft, our students not only develop their imagination, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities, but they also gain a deeper appreciation for aesthetics and cultural diversity. At Sree Abiraami School, art and craft are celebrated as powerful tools that inspire our students to create, innovate, and leave their artistic imprint on the world.

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